The Emigrant & Other Stories Now Available!

The winner of The Eludia Award, the stories in this collection range widely in setting and era, including France during World War II, Maine in the early eighteenth century, and Tennessee in the twenty-first century. What the stories all have in common, however, are characters who experience life as foreigners, whether in their own countries or not, and who long for a real or imaginary “elsewhere”. Each character has a different impulse that propels their longing. Each story represents a border experience, imposed from the outside or inside, that paradoxically confines and propagates the human desire to be somewhere else.

“Smart and subversive, these stories move adroitly between heart-stopping tension and quietly affecting moments of lyricism”

Kamila Shamsie,

“Justine Dymond’s The Emigrant and Other Stories traverses a breathtaking span of time, geography and emotion with authority and insight. Her compelling characters-a unwelcome minister’s wife in colonial New England, an American teacher at a French prison, wedding guests forced to confront the conduct of their countrymen during World War II-find themselves navigating precarious new worlds, worlds that the author imagines with vivid precision unequalled in contemporary fiction. This is a masterful collection from a gifted stylist who knows the plants of western Tennessee, the rants of eastern Ireland, and the mysteries of the human psyche that draw people to distant lands. The Emigrant and Other Stories is as masterful, convincing and deeply nuanced a debut collection as any in recent memory.”

–Jacob M. Appel, author of Einstein’s Beach House

“With a keen eye and nuanced prose, Dymond imbues The Emigrant and Other Stories with an immediacy and intimacy which fascinates. Her stories’ astonishing breadth in style, time, and place allow Dymond to examine from all angles the powerful drive that propels us away from the familiar. Her characters inhabit different cultures, locations, and time periods, yet all are united, as we all are, by the eternal, universal search for a place we can call home.”

Allison Amend

Author of Enchanted Islands, A Nearly Perfect Copy, Stations West, and Things That Pass for Love